Injury Rehabilitation

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Injury Rehabilitation

If you have been injured or had a serious illness, you might need extra help to get better. Rehabilitation is a graduated step-by-step process that aims to help you recover to your fullest potential. Whether you have an injury from a fall ,a sports injury, or a chronic condition like arthritis, rehabilitation might help you to get moving again, regain your strength, relearn skills, or find new ways of doing things.

You might need to use rehabilitation services if you have:

  • Neck or Back Pain
  • Disc Injuries
  • Ligament tear of sprain
  • Muscle pull or strain
  • Tendinitis or Bursitis
  • Falls
  • Multiple injuries post trauma
  • Chronic conditions (Arthritis, MS, Cardiovascular Disease)
  • Deconditioning post illness or hospitalization

We use specific tools to help you during your rehab. These may include:

  • Evaluation and assessment tools
  • Joint mobilization and soft tissue techniques
  • Exercise tools and equipment
  • Therapeudic modalities like heat, LightForce laser, ice, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, Game Ready
  • Assistive devices, such as walkers or canes
  • Orthotics and prosthetics
  • Intermittent mechanical traction (cervical and lumbar)

While your physical therapist may use various instruments and tools to help you move better and get better, exercise is often your main tool to help you recover fully and prevent future orthopedic problems. Your physical therapist can teach you the right exercises for your specific condition that can help you regain your normal mobility. The exercises you do in physical therapy may also be done at home as part of a home exercise program.

Remember, physical therapy may be challenging, but sometimes your body needs to be pushed a bit to get on the road to recovery.


Not all shoulder, neck, back, or knee pain is treated the same. We treat a runner’s knee differently than a knee affected with arthritis, by creating a custom designed exercise plan for you based on your pain, your lifestyle, your age, your goals and your desires.

Our customized plans are based on years of expertise and education.  Our therapists make sure to keep up our education so that you receive cutting edge therapy that works best for you. 

Light Force Laser

The LightForce® Pro Therapy Laser by LiteCure® Medical, featuring 9 watts of therapeutic power and weighing only 4 pounds, is the perfect combination of power and functional portability.

The LightForce Pro Therapy Laser comes with the same Empower™ Delivery System (DS) and easy-to-use touch screens that are available on the 15 Watt LightForce EX Therapy Laser and the LCT-1000™ Therapy Laser. The unique delivery method has made these therapy lasers the standard in the industry. The intuitive touch screen makes treatment protocol set-up quick and easy and ensures you are delivering the optimal dose to your patients every time. The combination of the Empower DS and protocols enable the LightForce Pro Therapy Laser to deliver fast and efficient treatments deep into targeted tissues.

Blood Flow Restriction Training
Alter G

AlterG® develops trusted, leading-edge rehab and training equipment using NASA Differential Air Pressure technology. Our Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ technology empowers people to move in new ways and without pain – to recover mobility, improve wellness, and enhance physical performance. In fact, AlterG can be found in over 4000 facilities around the world and has helped millions to safely and consistently reach their goals and achieve better outcomes.

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