Scot Jones — PT, MPT, CSCS, Cert. DN

Scot Jones is originally from the tiny farming and ranching town of Rush Springs, Oklahoma. Scot has been a physical therapist since 2000 after graduating from LSU’s PT program. 

His interest in physical therapy began after sustaining back injuries from competitively water skiing. “I appreciated not only the relief but the fact that I could learn how to address problems myself as I certainly wasn’t going to let a bit of pain stand in the way of doing something I loved!” Scot enjoys and believes in having a hands-on approach to physical therapy as that is what continues to help him with his own health. “I believe this is one of the things that APT has been known for over the years and will remain so as we move forward.”

When he isn’t tending to patients at Acadiana Physical Therapy, Scot is spending time with his wife and children, all of whom water ski competitively at one level or another. He also focuses a lot on his physical fitness because “as I get older gives me insight into the issues that my patients face as it seems I am constantly managing my own aches and pains!”